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Tony Colton, 13, and Ashley Krueger, 18, are digit Florida teens battling cancer. Both are upbringing money to support clear for treatment. But not for themselves. Colton is upbringing money for Krueger and Krueger for Colton.

A report from the Associated Press explains that the digit met patch undergoing communication digit eld ago. Both went into remission, but then Kruger’s cancer came back. While her family, as substantially as Colton’s, hit insurance, the scrutiny bills additional up.

Krueger told the AP that after the ordinal diagnosis, her someone “went discover of his artefact to support my family.” So when Colton’s cancer also returned, she returned the favor.

Colton, the youngest of six, told the AP that the money he helps improve “just allows them to clear [for] the things they are having pain doing financially because of scrutiny bills and scrutiny stress.”

Now, Krueger says she’s doing her prizewinning to improve assets for Colton. “Now we hit to do it for him, basically,” Ashley told the AP.

So far, Colton has helped improve around $18,000 for Krueger via her GiveForward site. Krueger, who is meet effort started with her fundraising, has already helped raise $3,785 for her friend.

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2 teens with cancer improve money for apiece other’s treatments – Yahoo! Movies (blog)

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